Michael Lutin, renowned astrologer (Vanity Fair), lecturer (Harvard Business School, National Press Club), playright and sought-after personal consultant, has revealed another facet of his prodigious talent:


The imminent release of a series of Michael's artworks — fine art prints on canvas — were produced at various critical points in his career but were withheld from exhibition and distribution until now.

These canvases are the melding of fine art and astrological acumen, a natural outgrowth of Michael's long and successful practice and his quest to reveal his astrological wisdom in ways both aesthetic and lasting.

While the heavens remain in constant flux, Michael's insights, as captured on canvas, remain stable, permanent reminders of essential moments in time; works to be collected, studied, savored and returned to over and over for the inspiration and truths they capture.

These works ascend far beyond decoration: They resonate with significance and perception.

These works are not for everyone.

See for yourself.