art prints




The art of Astrology takes a lifetime of study and discipline to master. Any dedicated professional will agree.

During the course of my practice, my ever-expanding knowledge of Astrology and my study of human behavior, I discovered that the symbols and arcane glyphs in a horoscope told a story of their own. They challenged me to explore different creative ways to present ideas and thoughts in a deeper more meaningful way.

I think in visual terms. I see planetary aspects individual terms. And of course I see human behavior in visual terms.

So, despite some trepidation I took paintbrush in hand and began to create visualizations for meanings of the planets, the signs, and the odd tales they tell.

I am happy, thrilled and ecstatic (OMG I can't believe I'm actually doing this), to reveal the fruits of the odyssey that inspired me to render my astrological thoughts, ideas and observations in pictures that people can ponder and understand.

The works I am presenting on this website are part of the voyage I privately began in 1980.

I am now ready to share that voyage with you and the world.

To arrive at this important milepost on my journey simply but undeniably affirms that no one should ever fear — or deny — the wish for creative self-expression.